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9 ways to look attractive

9 Tricks to Be the Most Charming Person in the Room Have you ever noticed that some people could easily gain the trust of everyone and create a positive image of themselves? Jeff Haden, one of the most influential people on LinkedIn and the author of almost 30 business and communication books, explained how they do it. It turns out they know some simple secrets, and today you have a chance to discover them all. Here are nine essential characteristics that make any person look more confident and charming.

1 They’re not afraid to lose

Charming people don’t try to win at everything. On the contrary, their aim is to give more without expecting anything in return. For them, it’s not difficult to admit their mistakes, failures, or talk about their weaknesses.

And it’s something that not everyone can do. They can openly say, ‘I’m jealous of you,’ or ‘I can’t do that, show me how’ because they know people appreciate honesty and real emotions.

2. They show they’re glad to meet you

Maintaining eye contact is important in a conversation, and people who have charisma know this for sure. They smile when you smile. They frown or nod when you do. However, they don’t just try to repeat everything after you. They are focused on what you’re saying and listen to you carefully, paying attention to all your emotions and words. Such feedback helps you find common ground with anyone and gain the trust of the person you’re interacting with.

3. They look for mutual understanding

Most people unconsciously look for contradictions and disagreements, which can lead to a dispute rather than a conversation. Charismatic people always seek common ground with everybody. So, to become more attractive to others, just try to find something in common with them. This trick will help you start an interesting conversation and create a positive impression.

4. They use the power of touch

A touch is a powerful tool that helps peopleunderstand their emotions better. In a recent experiment, scientists tried to express 12 emotions by touching their interlocutors without words. In 50-83% of the cases, these feelings were expressed correctly. Therefore, when you want to congratulate someone, first think how to do it better. Expressing your feelings depends on the situation – you could either shake hands or pat someone on the back. This will help you show how sincere your words are, express the right feelings, and gain the trust of others.

5. They know how to use facial expressions

and gestures Charming people express their feelings incredibly well and accurately. They can turn even the most boring story into an enthralling conversation. By gesturing and using expressive faces (when it’s appropriate, of course), they show the right mood for their stories. This trick will help you genuinely kindle the interest of other people.

6. They’re not afraid to look silly

Maybe ice skating or Twister is not their strong point, but they’re not afraid to be awkward. Curiously enough, people respect them even more because of this. If you’re not shy to show your weaknesses and not afraid to look silly, people won’t laugh at you. They laugh with you: everybody understands that all of this is fine. We all make mistakes.

7. They’re good at asking questions

Charming people can make you talk about yourself easily. They don’t hesitate to ask questions and talk openly about themselves as well. These people genuinely want to know what you’re thinking, and this makes them trustworthy. As soon as you find out something about a person, just ask them more questions and tell them some similar things about yourself. They will understand you have something in common, and that might become an interesting topic for conversation.

8. They always remember names

Charismatic people always remember names and other small details about others very accurately. When someone remembers your name when you’ve known each other for a short while or when you’ve only met once, it makes you feel more important in the conversation. Call the person by name, and remember the names of their friends, relatives, and even their pets. It’s one of the easiest ways to make the person think only positively of you.

9. They listen more and talk less

Most people can’t listen at all, but they love talking about themselves. Everybody wants to share their own news. However, let’s admit it’s a nice feeling when you tell a story and notice everyone is listening to you carefully and reacting emotionally. Charming people know how to listen, and they love listening more than talking. That’s how they learn more interesting details about a person and find something in common. So, the next time you’re talking with someone, try to listen to their problems and understand their needs. And if you manage to do so, they will never forget you. Do you agree with these points?

Do you know what is the most dangerous in this world?

Okay. Forget about alien invasions or giant meteors rushing toward Earth. There’s something much more dangerous lurking in space, and it’s called "strange matter." While people don't know much about it, experts are sure that under particular conditions, this stuff would be able to eat our planet alive! But to grasp the concept of strange matter better, we first need to understand protons, neutrons, and neutron stars.

Look at your hand. It's made up of tiny cells. If you start to zoom in on these cells, you'll see a bunch of molecules. Keep going, and you'll notice that molecules consist of atoms, which have protons and neutrons in their nucleus. Outside of all that, you have electrons flying around in small clouds. If you could see all this up close, you’d find that these particles aren't crammed together in a tiny space. In fact, there's enough room between them to make you wonder why your hand feels solid at all! But when you touch or press your hand, all those atoms resist the force. And the harder you press, the more atoms stop you. But what if you push really, really hard? Oh, then you'll eventually force the nuclei together and fuse some new elements! (Not that this is possible if it's your hand you squeeze really hard.) But it can happen with a neutron start.

Imagine this: a super powerful and massive star is reaching the end of its life. One of the potential scenarios is that it runsout of its nuclear fuel and, in a blinding burst, collapses under its own gravity. If the star had been massive enough, it’ll produce a black hole. But if it wasn't that big, a neutron star will appear in its place.

At about 10 miles (16 km) across, a neutron star is itsy bitsy when we’re talking about stars in general. But at the same time, this small space is unbelievably dense – about 1.4 times the mass of the sun! It means that just one teaspoon of a neutron star would weigh a staggering 10 million tons! Scientists say that one day these neutrons can get tired of holding all that weight, and the structure keeping the entire thing together will collapse. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of a quark star, which is even smaller and denser than a neutron star. Now let's say the pressure inside a quark star is getting stronger. As a result, things called “strange quarks” can appear in its core. They’ve been dubbed “strange” because, well, they don’t behave like normal quarks. (I would’ve gone with “quirky quarks” but that’s just me…) Really simply put, if these strange quarks are numerous enough, they create strange matter, which is unique and unlike any matter you find on Earth. Oh yeah, and it could be the most dangerous thing in our Universe!

Hang on, I’m getting there! But first, let's conduct a virtual experiment with something more familiar than a neutron star. We'll take an iron atom and start to squeeze it with tremendous force. Sooner or later, the atom's neutrons and protons will blow apart into those quark things. Add some more pressure, and some of these quarks will change, become heavier, and turn into strange quarks. What we have on our hands now isn't an iron atom but something called a strangelet. That’s a tiny piece of strange matter. Oh, don’t you love science!

Strange matter is much heavier than our matter. Besides, our dear matter is organized and predictable. It consists of atoms that are, in turn, made up of nuclei and electrons. And our quarks are neatly squeezed into neutrons and protons where they should be. But strange matter – oh, that's a bundle of chaos! Here’s where the “strange” part comes in. Its quarks have no boundaries – they just run totally amok wherever and however they want. Yet, surprisingly among all this particle chaos, strange matter remains stable, very dense, and impossible to destruct.

But that's where it gets a bit disconcerting: strange matter is so stable that it can exist anywhere in the Universe, even outside a neutron star. But the worst thing is that strange matter may be... contagious! Imagine an innocent jar of honey that suddenly goes nuts and decides to consume everything around: the table, plates, your kitchen, you, the whole galaxy! What a sticky mess! But that's exactly what may happen if strange matter was left to roam on its own. It’s like the vampire of particle physics. Anything it touches can be transformed into strange matter itself.

Ok, yeah, but this stuff is happening way out in space in neutron stars that are thousands of light years away! Well, the thing is, when two neutron stars collide or when a neutron star crashes into a black hole, these strangelets break free. And at millions of miles per hour, these tiny (or not so tiny) guys race through space. They can keep going for billions of years. until they come across something they can consume. Sadly, a strangelet wouldn't care whether the object it's encountered is a star or a planet full of life! This space invader would get down to work right away, and soon it would convert Earth and everything on it into more strange matter!

So, would there be a way to stop all this from happening? There is one solution, but it seems kind of impossible at the moment. You see, to get rid of strange matter, the only thing we could do is toss it into a black hole. But this escape plan raises all kinds of questions itself. I mean, let’s even say that we’re at a point when humankind can travel through space, um, Star Wars style. Ok, but still, in order to deposit the dangerous stuff, you’d need to get really close to the black hole. Let’s picture what would happen as you approach it. First, you’ll notice some blackness blotting out the light from surrounding stars. That’s just how strong the gravity of a black hole is – not even light can pass through it, hence thename. As soon as you get to the black hole’s edge, aka the event horizon, you won't be able to turn back because it’s the point of no return.

Even if you were super strong or were traveling at the speed of light, you still wouldn't be able to escape the immense gravitational pull. Plus, you wouldn’t even be able to reach the event horizon in the first place – you’d be spaghetti by then. No, for real, it’s actually called spaghettification, and it happens when something is stretched paper-thin by a black hole’s gravitational field. In other words, everything that approaches a black hole gets broken down into individual atoms. And we become long thin pasta. Not the best way to go, I’m afraid. Yeah, it’d be a tough and dangerous feat to transport and throw this strange matter into a black hole. By the way, how would you transport it there anyway? You could probably use some kind of catapult, but that raises another question: how are you gonna prevent the strange matter from consuming this catapult, your spacecraft, or you! Even in this hypothetical sci-fi space travel scenario, it still seems impossible!

In any case, at this point, strange matter is just a theory that hasn't been confirmed yet. Interestingly enough, physicists have considered creating strange matter in a particle accelerator, not unlike the Large Hadron Collider.

Luckily, they later came to the conclusion that it's impossible to do since particle accelerators get so hot that they’d immediately melt any appearing strangelets. Phew, what a relief! But I’d still like to politely ask them to not try it…please? Well, it might be comforting to know that even if scientists managed to create some strange matter, it’d be too unstable to live long enough to consume nearby atoms. Plus, the strange matter that would appear as a result of the experiment would most likely be positively charged. Such strangelets aren’t too dangerous for our world. Sure, they’d be happy to snack on nearby electrons, but they probably wouldn't provoke that terrible chain reaction I just told you about. Probably.

In any case, no strangelets have ever invaded Earth in all the billions of years of its existence, which means that this strange invasion is highly unlikely to happen, at least not any time soon. So don’t sweat it, and don’t worry about that jar of honey sitting on the kitchen counter! (maniacal laugh…) Do you think it's possible for a stray space strangelet to infect our planet? (Can you say “Stray Space Strangelet” 5 times real fast?

14 mistakes that make you hard to get rich

If you wanna be rich, you gotta work hard, plan your budget and live within your means. This all sounds like well-known, logical advice. However, there are some less obvious ways to get there, such as avoiding shopping on sunny days or in comfortable shoes. Wait…..what?

1. Throwing away stuff you don’t need

Decluttering can, indeed, make you feel happier and free, but it’s not the best way to become richer. And, there’s nothing wrong with finding happiness by giving your stuff a second chance instead of tossing it. For example, you could alter your old clothes; get rid of ruffles and replace the old buttons and zippers with new original ones. If sewing isn’t exactly for you, you can skip it and save another important resource - time. Still, you don’t have to just throw old things away – it’s not a healthy ecological solution. Try selling stuff online or bring it to one of the stores that gives you a discount in exchange for things you no longer need. And, check your garage or attic for old gems – sometimes you can find awesome things that you forgot even existed.

2.Doing too much laundry

Going crazy with the laundry is bad for the environment (just think of all the water you waste and all the detergents that end up in rivers and the ocean). And it’s not good on your clothes. They have a limited lifespan, and you don’t want to shorten it, right? And while it’s normal to change your underwear everyday, your cashmere sweater will thank you if you don’t take it to the laundry after wearing it once.

Your jeans should be washed after you’ve put them on 4-5 times, inside out, zipped and buttoned so that dangling metal parts don’t damage the drum of the washing machine. In between doing the laundry you can clean out small stains with a toothbrush.

3.Washing up right after a meal

Letting dirty dishes soak is both an eco-friendly and a budget-friendly solution. If you wash a whole pile of dishes, you’ll use less water than if you’d do it multiple times with separate plates. It only makes sense to clean every plate straight away if you’re eating foods that stick to the plate for good.

4. Keeping the default water heater temperature

Most people who have a water heater in the house just trust the manufacturer and leave the temperature as it is. For most heaters, it’s automatically set at 140 F, and that’s more than you actually need. So change it to 120 F, and I bet you won’t notice any difference while taking a shower. And, by lowering the temperature by 20 degrees, it takes less time and energy to heat up the tanks, saving you money!

5. Counting the value of things in money

Try calculating the price of something you want to buy in your own labor costs and hours. If you get $600 for a standard 40-hour work week, then your hour costs $15. So, if you want to buy a $300 pair of shoes, it would cost you 3 days of work. This way it becomes easier to figure out if it’s really worth the money.

6. Going shopping on sunny days

A 2017 study from researchers at New York University and the University of Sydney in Australia has shown that people are more likely to take risks in bright light. You might not see a big difference when it comes to everyday grocery shopping. But when it comes to large purchases or making big financial decisions, opt for cloudy days to keep your head balanced.

7. Keeping your Instagram to yourself

Do you invest a lot of time in your Instagram page? Make it work for you! If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, or are just great at describing your daily routine, turn it into your part-time or full-time job! Bloggers aren’t people who have nothing to do, but people who make the most of their hobby and love their job! You might be a traveler, a style guru, or the person who makes the most delicious cakes in town – monetize your hobby and earn money from ads when you get enough followers.

8. Mistrusting other people

I’m not talking about relationships here, it’s all about teaming up with others. Buying in bulk has always been cheaper than going item per item. Even if you don’t have a large family and don’t need that much food or supplies, you can team up with your neighbors and order stuff together. Sharing a car with strangers on one of the many apps available will cost you less than a taxi. And, booking a vacation house directly from the owner will cost you less than a hotel.

9. Boiling a full kettle

Fill the kettle with exactly as much water as you need to have tea, for example. It will not only save water, but also energy, and Mother Nature will be grateful to you. At the same time, this is a good way to monitor the condition your kettle is in and not let it cover with scale.

10. Buying stuff you’ll only use once

The next time you decide to head to a hardware store for a tool you’ll likely never use again, go to a rental shop instead. And, it doesn’t only work with tools these days. You can also rent designer bags, shoes, dresses or jewelry for that really special occasion. If you choose renting clothes over buying, you won’t only save money, but also the embarrassment of wearing the same outfit multiple times.

11. Wearing comfortable shoes while shopping

Science tells you to wear heels while shopping! A 2013 study by two marketing professors at Brigham Young University found that we make more balanced purchasing decisions when we think about keeping balance when walking.

The subjects, who came to the store wearing heels, chose high-quality products in the middle price range instead of more expensive or low-quality ones. Yoga and riding an escalator give you the same effect.

12. Saving some of your income once a month

Scientists at UCLA and City University of London arranged an experiment in 2017. They asked groups of people to choose between putting aside $5 a day or $150 a month. Only 7 % agreed to do the latter, compared to 30% that agreed to save 5 bucks a day, even though the amount of money they’d save would be the same. It’s just easier for your brain to say goodbye to $5 at a time, or, basically a cup of coffee, than $150.

13. Stopping for food when you get hungry

If you get hungry on your way somewhere and stop at a store or fast food restaurant, you’ll likely overspend on things you don’t really need and won’t finish anyway. So pack your car with healthy snacks like granola bars or trail mix. This alternative will keep you full longer and save you both money and the time you’d spend making stops and getting out of the car.

14. Using the bathroom before you go shopping

In an experiment in 2011, Psychologists from Norway and the Netherlands discovered this after asking subjects to make a difficult choice. They were to choose between a quick but small reward the next day, $16 for instance, or a larger amount, like $30, in a month. People were more likely to choose the better deal when they needed to use the bathroom. This psychological effect is called inhibitory spillover, when one inhibition spills over into others, and are potentially unrelated to it. Do you know any other tricks to save money?

9 houses with the most expensive prices in the world

Have you ever driven by a house and thought: man, these people must be doing really well? It looks like some private property doesn’t just stand out but would strike even legit millionaires with its luxury.

Your private tour of the world’ most expensive homes starts right now!

$2 billion Named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, Antilia stands 570-feet (173 m) tall in the poshest street of Mumbai.

The 27-floored building belongs to Mukesh Ambani, Indian business magnate, the chairman, managing director, and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited. He is the richest man in India, which is no surprise, because who else could possibly afford the most expensive private property in the world that’s worth $2 billion. The skyscraper has a 49,000-square-foot (4.550 sq m) plot and boasts more floor space than the French Palace of Versailles.

The impressive-looking tower has many double-heighted ceilings, so even though it just has 27 floors, it looks like a legitimate 45-floored skyscraper. And, all this luxury is home to the Ambani family of 5 and 600 staff members that take care of the property.

9 elevators allow the family and guests to travel between uniquely designed floors the interior of which was chosen by Mukesh’s wife Nita Ambani. he 6 distinct sections of the house symbolize earth, water, fire, air, sound and light.

Now, why would one possibly need 27 floors in their home? Well, given that 6 of those are fully occupied by a private garage of 168 cars including a pretty pricey Maybach and a private car service for all those beauties, it does make sense.

There is also a huge garden in the space with ‘W’-shape beams that support the upper floors. Not only are the hanging plants adorable, but also serve a practical purpose. They absorb sunlight and keep the house cool.

There are 3 helipads on the roof for those who prefer this mode of transportation and a private control center that occupies the air space floor. Entertainment anyone? There is a little movie theatre for 50 people, a recreation center that occupies two floors with swimming pools, yoga studio, dance studio and a juice bar. It’s no surprise there’s also a spa center and a ballroom with 80% of its ceilings covered in multiple crystal chandeliers.

What’s really cool is an ice room that has a snow generator that provides its visitor with easy access to Winter Wonderland any time of the year.

2.Villa Leopolda

$750 million Villa Leopolda is located in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. It got its name after King Leopold II of Belgium who once ownedit.

During World War I it served as a military hospital. The villa as it looks today was designed by American architect Ogden Codman, Jr. and finished in 1931. In 1955, Villa Leopolda became the set for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie To Catch a Thief. The estate occupies a territory of 50 acres (20 ha) and has a huge greenhouse, commercial buildings, heliports, outdoor kitchens, movie theater, gardens and a bowling alley.

There are 19 bedrooms in the house of rare marble with plenty of artwork inside. In 2008, famous Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov wanted to buy it for $500 million but had to break the deal because of the financial crisis. So the estate belongs to Lily Safra, the wife of Brazilian banker Edmond Safra.

3.Rutland Gate Mansion

$362 million The house that previously belonged to the Saudi Prince and the Lebanese Prime Minister is situated near Hyde Park in London. The house was designed by Albert Pinto. It’s the largest one-family house in London and as it went on the market in 2015 after the death of its owner it became the most expensive single home ever sold in the UK. The mansion has 45 bedrooms and is more luxurious on the inside than you could possibly ever imagine with jewel-encrusted bidets and gold-plated curtains, doors and even waste-paper bins.

4.Four Fairfield Pond

$249 million Fair Field mansion was built in 2003 in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York state. It looks like it could be owned by the Great Gatsby himself, but it actually belongs to Ira Rennert, owner of the Renco Group.

The nearly 64,000 square foot (5,946 sq. m) building is one of the largest properties in the US and has 21 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and it’s own restaurant. There is also a basketball court, 2- lane bowling alley, 2 squash courts, 2 tennis courts and a theater for 164 people. And, there is a grand garage for up to 100 cars. It’s no surprise the property has its own power plant to make it all work.

5.18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

$222 million Kensington Palace Gardens in London, one of the most expensive streets in the world, is called “Billionaire Row” for a reason.

Who else would afford a house at an average price of $44 million? And, some houses in this street with security checkpoints at both ends are worth way more than that. For instance, the estate at 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens is worth $222 million. The construction of two Italian palazzo style villas here began in 1845. The builders used extra stone from the new Palace of Westminster to construct sections of the walls and finished their work in 1847. The villas had various residents and for many years were used as the Egyptian and Russian embassies and then became private property. In the 1990s, property developer David Khalili bought the two villas, merged them together and added a swimming pool and floors and pillars made of marble from the same quarry as they used to build the Taj Mahal.

It is currently owned by Lakshmi Mittal, one of the richest Indians and owner of Arcelor Mittal, the world's leading integrated steel and mining company. So, some people jokingly call it “Taj Mittal” now.

There are 12 bedrooms, a Turkish bath and a parking garage for 20 cars in the estate.

6.Ellison Estate

$200 million The house might look like it’s straight out of Japan but is actually located in Woodside, California. It actually consists of 10 buildings.

It took 9 years to design and finish the construction of this beautiful estate. The current owner of it is Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, one of the richest people on the planet. The estate cover 23 acres (9 ha) and has an artificial lake, a koi pond that can be seen from any room in the house, an authentic Japanese tea house, waterfalls, spa, and a heated swimming pool. All this glory is surrounded by Japanese trees and plants.

7.Hearst Castle

$191 million Another Californian estate stands tall on a hill in San Simeon. Hearst Castle is named so after publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst. It was designed by architect Julia Morgan and intended to be a family home for the Hearsts, but it all changed after their divorce. In the 1930s, it became the true center for social life. The visitors list included Hollywood stars of that time Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, playwright George Bernard Shaw and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill himself.

They’d have drinks at the Assembly Room in Casa Grande, have dinner in the Refectory and watch movies at the theater. Then they’d retire to the guest houses of Casa del Mar, Casa del Monte and Casa del Sol. The estate has a total of 56 bedrooms, a wine cellar, air strip, an indoor Roman pool, an outdoor Neptune pool, and the world’s largest private zoo.

The best part is that you can actually go on tour of the estate as it’s a part of the California Park system now, even though it’s owner is William Randolph Hearst’s administrator.

8.Seven The Pinnacle

$155 million Seven the Pinnacle is the largest property  in Yellowstone Club, Montana. It belongs to Edra and Tim Blixseth, who is a timber baron. The property is a luxurious ski resort and golf community. Only incredibly rich people can afford staying at one of its 8 bedrooms. There are several swimming pools, a gym, a wine cellar, and a ski lift. And, an added bonus is heated floors and even a heated driveway.

9.17 Upper Phillimore Gardens

$128 million This crazy expensive mansion with 10 bedrooms in central London once used to be a school.

Now it belongs to Olena Pinchuk, the daughter of Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine's second president. The house has an underground pool, sauna, gym and movie theater. It’s filled with priceless works of art and covered with expensive marble and gold.

5 Alasan Kenapa Lelaki Setelah Coli/Onani/Ngocok Menyesal Namun Mengulangi Kembali

Boy, apa kamu salah satu orang yang suka menikmati sesuatu dalam kesendirian dan ketika itu adalah momen yang kamu anggap sebuah kesempatan untuk melakukan relaxasi biologis dengan menggunkan alat manual yang sudah umum para pria mengetahui yaitu Onani.

apa alasan pria melakukan onani?
Alasan yang tidak bisa pria pungkiri adalah, kesendirian yang sepi, buka Handphone lihat foto, lalu timbul syahwat, dimana yang ternyata ia buka di Handphone nya adalah Film Blue, atau foto gadis-gadis yang membuat Syahwat nya bergejolak.

maka terjadilah sesuatu yang pria itu sendiri tidak sukai setelah ia melakukan nya, dan bahkan tidak sedikit pria yang capek dan lelah setelah melakukan hal tersebut, dan bahkan sakit-sakit pada tubuhnya.

dan begitulah gambaran pada dunia, karena dunia ini nikmat ketika mulai melakukan, dan di pertengahan melakukan, namun lambat-lambat akan mencapai akhir akan membuat anda tidak nyaman di buat nya, dan seperti itu lah, dunia.

Ibaratkan makan, anda akan menikmatinya ketika anda merasa lapar, dan lega setelah berada di pertengahan, namun lambat laun perut anda akan tegang dan anda sudah tidak merasakan enak nya lagi dari makanan tersebut. dan seperti itu lah dunia.

Berbeda dengan Akhirat yang saat anda memulai melakukan terasa nikmat, di pertengahan makin nikmat, dan terus makin nikmat itu lah akhirat.

dan ini lah 5 alasan pria yang suka melakukan Coli atau Secara medis kita sebut Onani, saat pria mencapai klimax ia akan menyesal setelah nya namun, ke esokan harinya atau di kemudian hari ia tetap melakukanya.

Ketika pria melakukan Onani buka tidak bearti ia tidak beralaskan, namun ketika pria itu melakukan ia penasaran dengan sesuatu ilmu baru yang ia dapatkan ntah darimana sumber nya baik dari, Internet, Film, Film Dewasa, dan lain sebagai nya.

2.Sudah lama tidak melakukan.
pria dapat mengulangi hal tersebut dengan alasan karena ia sudah sangat lama tidak melakukan nya dan, ingin mencobanya lagi sekali-kali.

3.Ingin tahu seberapa lama ia bertahan.
Karena info yang ia dapat dari banyak sumber, terkadang lelaki juga penasaran seberapa lama ia bisa bertahan dalam melakukan hal itu dengan melihat jam dan mencobanya tanpa jeda (ingin tahu seberapa perkasa diri nya).

4.Ingin tahu apakah miliknya masih Normal bisa di Fungsikan.
Ketakuan sebagian pria memang ketika punya milik nya apakah masih berfungi dengan baik atau kah tidak, maka dia ingin mengujinya dengan gaya pria dewasa yang melakukan secara manual.

5.Ingin melihat kesehatan pada sperma nya.
Tidak selalu negatif yang kita fikirkan tentang pria yang melakukan onani, memang terkadang ia musti cek apakah sperma milik nya itu masih mampu menembak dengan baik atau kah tidak, dan hampir sebagian pria dewasa tahu warna Sperma sehat atau tidak sehat.

nah itu lah tadi 5 Alasan pria selalu mengulangi Onani walaupun saat ia mencapai nya terkedang mereka menyesal. tapi memang ada baik nya juga hal itu dilakukan karena salah satu hal point yang kami sebutkan diatas.

ingat tetaplah jaga kesehatan, dan jangan melampaui batas, lakukanlah sesuatu hal itu secara sehat dan tidak malah membuat anda jadi menderita.

tetaplah selalu dalam hidup yang positif, baik dalam sendiri maupun ramai.

5 Alasan Mengapa Pria/Lelaki Suka Melirik Belahan Payudara Wanita

Girl, apa kah anda pernah menjadi salah satu korban lirik kan mata lelaki yang menuju di area sexual kamu yaitu belahan payudara?

Jika kamu memang suka menggunkan Baju You Can See, tentu hal itu bisa saja terjadi, karena tidak salah seorang pria atau laki-laki saja. bahkan terkadang wanita tersebut juga ingin memamerkan sesuatu yang memang dia sudah faham kalau pria menyukai hal itu.

Apakah lelaki sengaja melihat belahan Payudara seorang wanita?
Tentu tidak, hal itu terjadi terkadang bukan pada momen yang lelaki rencanakan, namun momen itu terjadi saat mendadak ia melihat seorang wanita yang bisa kita sebut trend masa kini atau memang sudah penyakit yang memang ia sengajakan.

Karena pada prinsip dan dasar nya fitrah lelaki adalah senang melihat sedang fitrah prempuan senang di lhat, jadi terkadang wajar hal itu di lakukan oleh seorang wanita supaya lelaki melihat, dan wajar ketika lelaki mendapati kesempatan ia akan melihat dan bahkan menikmati nya.

Lalu apa sih 5 alasan pria suka melihat atau melirik Payudara Wanita, Girl, perempuan?

1.Jawaban pertama sudah tersebut diatas tadi, memang pada fitrah nya seorang lelaki itu senang melihat.

2.Pada momen itu karna sesuatu yang nanggung alias nampak hanya sedikit tentu akan membuat si pria melirik penasaran.

3.Walaupun si pria seandai nya sudah sering melihat Film Blue pun, ketika ia mendapati momen tersebut ia tidak akan menyia-nyiakan begitu saja, karena setiap wanita itu menurut mereka berbeda.

4.Andai dia (seorang pria), belum pernah melihat, Film, Blue. justru pria atau lelaki seperti ini akan melihat dengan lebih dalam, karena rasa penasaran yang sangat tinggi dan bahkan tak terkendali.

5.Otak Piktor (pikiran kotor), yang palih parah adalah no.5 ini, laki-laki yang piktor atau memiliki pikiran yang kotor bahkan tidak hanya melirik, bahkan bisa timbul nafsu karena memang fikiran yang ada dalam diri ya sudah terkontaminasi dengan aktifitas kotor sehar-hari nya. Bahkan orang seperti itu mungkin tidak hanya melirik bahkan melotot.

Lalu apakah ada Pria atau lelaki yang berpaling saat melihat hal itu?
tentu ada, namun bisa dikatakan sangat jarang, dan bahkan mungkin dari 100 dua atau tiga orang yang mampu, selebih nya gagal focus dan senyum-senyum sendiri.

Mungkin bagi sebagian orang hal itu karena mereka menganggap rezeky.

Tetap berhati-hati dalam beraktifitas baik dalam dunia nyata maupun dunia Internet, karena sudah banyak akses yang sekarang begitu mudah kita akses dan kita, Search, atau kita cari di mesin pencari baik itu, Google, Bing, Yahoo, dan banyak lagi lain nya.

Selalu jernihkan fikiran anda supaya anda pun tidak gampang gagal focus ketika melihat sesuatu yang telah kami unkapkan diatas tadi.

Reza Oktovian Marah-Marah (marah sikit tak apa ya)

Pada Video Yang di Publish oleh Reza Oktovian Seorang Youtuber Pada Tanggal 28 Okt 2017 di Youtube Chanel nya.

Terilihat Youtuber yang bisa di bilang hampir sukses ini memaki-maki Hatters yang dia anggap keterlaluan dalam berkomentar, seolah ingin mengatur kehidupan Seorang Reza Arap Oktovian.

kenapa si, Reza Oktovian, atau biasa disebut, Reza Arap, ini menanggapi komenan para hatter nya, selain ia merasa tidak ingin diatur-atur ia juga berharap viewer dia mengerti bahwasan nya dia bukan seorang yang memiliki Channel Gamming di, Youtube, nya.

ia ingin menerangkan bahwa Youtube, Channel, yang ia kelola tersebut bukan lah Channel Youtube, Gamming, melainkan sebuah Channel yang memang di buat bukan hanya untuk ngeGamming.

lalu mengapa Reza Arap atau Reza Oktovian memainkan Game jika itu bukan lah Channel Gamming?
Si Reza menjawab Game -Game yang ia mainkan adalah Game-Game yang dia sukai, bukan Game yang sedang booming atau yang sedang banyak di main kan oleh orang banyak.

di balik itu ia juga mengatakan dia juga sering bermain Game yang tidak musti ia record atau ia rekam, karena dia tidak merasa sedang membuat konten Game di Youtube Channel milik nya tersebut.

Apa yang membuat Reza Arap atau Reza Oktovian terkenal di Youtube?
Memang di awal sekali yang membuat Seorang Reza hampir sukses di Youtube adalah berkat Channel Youtube nya yang berisi Gamming. yang sering ia mengetakan si Gammer ganteng.

karena memang tidak semua orang musti bertahan di zona nyaman nya, tentu Reza ingin mencoba sesuatu hal yang lain, yang mungkin ia ingin merasakan.

dan diuntungkan juga Nama Channel Youtube yang ia bikin tidak menggunakan Embel-embel Gammer atau gamming, jadi seolah-olah, Channel tersebut adalah Channel yang bebas ia ingin mengupload apa, tidak mesti Gamming atau selalu Record Game untuk di Upload. 

inti dari Video marah sikit tak apaya dari Reza adalah, ia tidak ingin Hater nya mengatur apalagi menyuruh-nuyuruh dirinya untuk Upload sesuatu yang Reza sudah hampir tidak melakukan nya lagi, seperti bermain game hal lain sebagai nya.

Alasan Huruf I dan O Tidak Ada di Kursi Bioskop

Buat kamu seorang traveller sebuah Filem, tentu sudah terbiasa dengan tidak di temukan nya Huruf "I" dan "O" pada Kursi Bioskop.

Hal berikut bukan tidak beralasan, ada alasan tertentu yang memang hal itu di jelaskan oleh seseorang yang berperan di Bioskop tersebut.

Kalo tebak-tebakan apakah kamu tahu jawaban nya?
Bisa dipastikan kamu tidak akan tahu alasan nya, kenapa hal itu terjadi pada kursi bioskop, apakah hal tersebut ada hubungan nya dengan mistis atau yang lain?

Segala sesuatu tentu ada alasan yang tersembunyi, dan ini lah alasan tersebut.

Hal tersebut dijelaskan, Manager Cineplex 21 Kota Palembang, Sugeng.
Ia menjelaskan tidak adanya baris kursi huruf I dan O ternyata bukan karena takut sial atau ada kesan horornya.

"Kenapa di setiap bioskop 21 tidak ada huruf I dan O dikarenakan huruf I hampir sama dengan J."
"Dan O hampir sama dengan huruf Q."

"Apabila tertera di tiket nanti penonton sulit membedakan."

"Dan penghilangan kedua huruf ini bukan tak lain karena kita ingin memberi kemudahan kepada pemegang tiket untuk mencari tempat duduknya," ujarnya, Minggu (30/10/2016).

Apa kamu tidak percaya mengenai hal tersebut?
Coba deh saat kamu ke Bioskop kamu perhatikan, dan kamu Cari Huruf "i" dan "o". atau kalau kamu mendapat izin dari pihak Bioskop untuk masuk Ke Area Tersebut tanpa pemutaran Film.

Silahkan kamu cek, kursi dengan huruf yang kami sebutkan diatas. ini tidak ada hubungan nya dengan, Film, yang di putar, namun hal demikian sudah jelas diatas pada info yang kami sebut kan tadi.

Efek Bermain Facebook

Temen-temen masih bermain Akun Media Social bernama, facebook? sebagian besar tentunya masih menggunkan, Akun Facebook yang di dirikan oleh Markzhukbreck yang kini pemilik sekaligus CEO, setiap harinya memiliki pertambahan pengguna.

Apa fungsi dari Facebook?
Dengan adanya Akun Media Social Facebook, seseorang dapat mengungkapkan perasaan dan apa yang ia fikirkan untuk di Post di dinding Facebook atau orang biasany menyebut nya, Wall, Facebook.

Adakah Keuntungan di Media Social Facebook?
Jawaban nya adalah ada, karena dengan kamu menjadi seorang pengiklan sebuah produck atau apapun di Facebook, kamu bisa mendapatkan penghasilan secara berkala di, Social, Media, Facebook tersebut.

Jadi dengan memiliki akun Facebook itu, kamu tidak hanya mengupdate tentang apa yang kamu fikirkan saja, namun kamu bisa menghasilkan dengan memasang Facebook, Ads, di Facebook itu sendiri.

Bagaimana Cara Mendapatkan Penghasilan Melalui Facebook?
Sekarang Social media Facebook punya banyak Feature, selain memasang iklan, kamu juga promo Produck tentunya, dan bahkan pihak Facebook pun menyediakan sebuah Fanspage yang bisa kamu kelola untuk menjual produck anda tentu nya.

Selain anda bisa mendapatkan uang, ingat juga, anda juga mesti mengeluarkan uang untuk menjadikan Fanspage Facebook anda ramai pengjunjung sesuai target yang kamu tentukan dengan adanya Facebook Ads.

Hal apa Saja yang bisa di Posting di Facebook?
Sama hal nya media Social lain nya, selain Hanya ngepost text Facebook juga menyediakan Posting Gambar dan Video bahkan, yang bisa kamu Sharing yang mungkin hal itu bermanfaat bagi anda untuk orang lain.

Selain itu, bahkan Facebook juga menambah Feature seperti yang ada di, Instagram, Yaitu Video Story atau orang biasa menyebut nya Snapgram.

Dan masih banyak feature dari Facebook lain nya, dan bahkan Facebook hampir bermitra dengan apapun jenis Apps di android untuk Login hanya melalui Facebook.

ddan bahkan Facebook ini mungkin bisa di katakan adalah salah satu Akun Media Social yang wajib di milki oleh setiap orang.
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